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  1. Hello Netanel, It sounds like I was having the same issue as you. I have found a solution to connect the Echo TCP client to any local TCP server. In SDK go to your BSP folder\ps7_cortexa9_0\libsrc\PmodWIFI_v1_0\src\DEIPcK\utility\DHCP.c and uncomment line 725 "pLLAdp->ipStack.pARPIPv4->macDest = MACNONE;" and line 727 "pLLAdp->ipStack.pARPIPv4->macSrc = pLLAdp->pNwAdp->mac;". The TCP client fails to connect to your local TCP server most likely because your TCP server receives an invalid MAC address (0:0:0:0) of the TCP client, changing those lines will attribut