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  1. Hi again...... I think I broke it for sure now. This image is with the wave generator #1 with its output at 5 volts with no offset. After resoldering the ADG612, Channel two was able to mirror the information in channel one. Here are both channels at the same time. It´s strange because Channel one was not failing. Maybe it´s because my soldering skills with SMD is not that good. I just soldered the IC. Maybe I broke it for sure now. Did a device
  2. At the time of your response, I was looking at this other of your responses: Was looking for those resistors IDs in the reference document to determine which one was Channel 2. Thanks, I´ll now proceed to operate 😈
  3. Hello. Thanks for the info. Just one question, and this might be very transparent for everyone but me: Which of the two ADG612 is the channel 2? I have all the intention to do that repair in this week. Good thing I have the AD1 for testing.
  4. Thanks for the reply. Did the factory reset but the measurementes were the same. Although something happended that I did not notice: if I start channel 2 with the 500mV/Div, if i change it to 5V/Div, the signal from channel 2 goes to -3V and after a few seconds, it goes to +21 (with nothing conected to the probes). Did a calibration after loading the factory data. The waveform channel, both 1 and 2 passed. But the oscilloscope did not, and it showed the behaviour described above (-2.7 volts to +21 volts. Do you think it might be the MUX ADG612? T
  5. Oh.... sorry, did not understad that. Did the measurements. They are within range: VREF2V = 0V VOFF_SC2 with 0V offset = 1.94V, VOFF_SC2 with 2.5V offset = 2.99V VOFF_SC2 with -2.5V offset = 1.01V All measurementes respecto to the device´s ground and with 500mV/Div for channel 2.
  6. @JColvin Thanks. Mr Attila is helping me out with my issue in another thread.
  7. I´m sorry with all those uploads. Don´t know what I did but apparently I uploaded all the files again. The last two measurements: This one is the +2.5 Offset at VOFF. I had to modify the range from 0.5 to 1 volt/div. It measures 2 volts. This one is the NET409_1 with +2.5 volts offset. I left the same 1 volt/div as the other one. It measures 0.5959 volts. What do you think? Could the MUX be the problem? Thank you so very much.
  8. Hello Mr Attila. I think I did the measurements but not sure if I did them in the right manner. My setup: -OSC1 ----> GND +OSC1 ----> to test points Did all measurements with respect to GND of the AD2. In the last measurement I remembered that it also could have been differential measurements. Did all the differential measurements and the result is the same with the other two with respect to GND of the AD2. I had to modify the +2.5 offset with 0.5 scale because the measurement will not show it self (higher than 0 volts I guess)
  9. Sorry, forgot to add the MHz part. Edit: can´t upload the other picture. EDIT: I was able to upload the picture but as a PDF.
  10. Hello. Mr Attila AKA "Technical Forum Moderator". I think i have the same problem as Mr Russell. My AD2 will not go down from +20 volts. I was doing some measurements with a transformer and the BNC kit for the AD2 and after some measurements, it looks like I also broke my Channel 2 input. The probes were x10 in the attenuation department. Will the solution suggested work also for me? I have almost the same issue but is not -21, is +21. The device works well measuring frequencies, the attached image shows the generator connected t
  11. Hi. Mario Camarillo here. I own two Analog Discovery devices. Digilent is great. PS: Also, I think I broke one, I´ll be posting in the appropiate thread soon 😑