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  1. Hi attila, I am trying to use the .csv files in a precision timing application for high speed imaging where I need to delay a signal by 1 us increments. I do this by the following. wait_time_offset = 10e-6; // move start a bit from 0 so easier to see Patterns1.States.Wait.value = wait_time_offset; Patterns1.Channels.resistor.custom = resistor_pulse; // string definition which you helped with previously Patterns1.Channels.resistor.Delay.value = TT; //value I will change programmatically in a for loop to step the delay Patterns1.Channels.resistor.Output.text = "PP"
  2. My script so far: Patterns1.Channels.resistor.Output.text = "PP"; Patterns1.Channels.resistor.Type.text = "Custom"; Patterns1.Channels.resistor.Idle.text = "1"; Patterns1.Channels.resistor.Frequency.value = 2e6; Is there an option to select the Import .csv file or is there a way to enter the values in the script?
  3. Hi, I am attempting to script the pattern generator using a custom defined waveform. My perspective is that I have two options: (1) entering the custom values for the 1-1024 buffer slots through waveforms scripting or (2) loading in a .csv file that I create in another program. I have successfully done this using option 2 but the issue is I need for the entire system to be automated and would like to either find a way to script the file Import processes for the csv file or to define the values directly in waveforms scripting. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. Hi, I need to build a strobing system and I was looking into using the analog discovery pattern generator to produce timing delay signals to drive a pulsed light source, a camera, and a high power transistor. I was wondering if anyone could comment on the feasibility of using the analog discovery pattern generator in this way. I have a description of what I am trying to do below: I have high power resistors that will heat up upon a voltage drop across it causing the heat to locally boil water on the surface of the resistor. I am interested in visualizing the bubbles that form in this