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  1. Thanks Ana-Maria, great answer.
  2. Hello, I would like to access PS through an external JTAG probe. The JTAG lines on this board is connected to J15 but J15 is staying exactly on the opposite side of JA connector and I believe it is not connected anything else. How can I use that ? Should I demount/cut the JA connector and solder a 6-pin header ? Probably related to my question above, in the reference manual, it is said "To access the PS over JTAG while in independent JTAG mode, users will have to route the signals for the PJTAG peripheral over EMIO, and use an external device to communicate with it.". Does this mean I can route the JTAG pins of PS (I think this is PJTAG) to an IO pin on the board that I can access, if I short the JP2 JTAG that enables independent JTAG mode ? Thanks, Mete