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  1. Hi , I have a new Eclypse Z7 board. How do I connect to the internet? I have connected an ethernet cable from my PC to the Eclypse board. I can ping the Eclypse from PC. I can ping from the Eclypse to the PC. however, if I just run " sudo apt update" I get the following. What is wrong? thanks
  2. Hi, there seems to be discrepancy between the Eclypse schematic and the Eclypse XDC file. JA1 is B15 and JA2 is C15 here is the XDC which shows the JA1 is H17 and JA2 is H18. Which is right ?
  3. Hi When I flip the board over and make the same measurements, with the switch on I get about 170K instead of 0 ohms. so I will send a note to the sales team for a new switch, thanks! really appreciate it!
  4. with power off and measuring with my Fluke 77 meter from the center post to top post reads 160K in either position. from Center post to bottom post with switch off reads 0.1 ohm and with switch on reads open
  5. Hi , I bought an Eclypse Z7 board with the ADC and DAC ZMOD modules when these were first introduced. With or without the Zmod modules installed I have a problem powering on. I plug in the DC 12V supply and turn on SW1 and nothing happens. I switch it on and off and sometimes the red LED comes on and the board is running. Sometimes I can not get it to come on. I have measured the power adapter and it is at 12V. Could there be a problem with SW1? thanks
  6. Hi , I am designing an interface board for the Arty FPGA board and I need the mechanical dimensions for the PMOD connectors. I plan to design a board that will plug into all 4 PMODS thanks
  7. Hi , I have been unable to locate the Vivado board files for the Pynq Z1 FPGA board. i am about to purchase and I would like to build the project in Vivado first. thanks
  8. Hi, the generics in the LL component VHDL code had the external register values set to true for debug , which in my register controller were all set to 0. I disabled so that the internal static register values were used. Once I did this I began receiving data! Looks good! thanks again for your support, keeps me looking
  9. thanks for the Info! I am relying on the FSM in the low level component to initialize the ADC, I don t have the external SPI on the Zynq side connected. I think this will be perfect for our application for a high power RF instrument measuring detected RF waveforms. I have not enabled the external configuration registers ( the group of 18 bit registers) I have a general purpose AXI peripheral register bank configured to control these registers as well as gain and coupling ( which are enabled in the generics). I have just connected the sInitDone signal to an LED so I can verify if the FSM is c
  10. Hi, I have adjusted the ADC differential clock protocol to DIFF_SSTL18_I . I am not receiving anything on CLKOUT_ADC. I would expect to see 100 MHz LVCMOS18 here. what could stop this?
  11. Hi , I have adjusted the clock differential. I am sending into Channel 1 , a gaussian wave , 1 usec wide. amplitude is 1.0V ( from the Zmod DAC). I have the output of the low level component mapped into dual port RAM. I am also using the debug core and H/W manager to monitor the output of Ch1 of the low level component prior to the RAM input. I can see the gaussian data going to the DAC with the H/W manager. And I am plotting the gaussian wave on the oscilloscope. I have enabled the GAIN and Coupling relays in the low level component. I can set the gain and coupling relays. I have trie
  12. Hi, I have an Eclypse Z7 board with Zmod DAC and ADC. The DAC is working. I can not locate the correct protocol for the ADC differential clock driven by the FPGA in the Zmod H/W reference manual? thanks Stan
  13. Hi, I have been locked out of my account , until I reset my password today. I am using the low level component for the DAC and driving this with a state machine and dual port RAM to create the waveform at a selected PRF rate. So no, I wont be using Jupyter Notebook on this board, but have the main IO on a Pynq board and then send the new waveforms to the Eclypse with a serial link from the Pynq board.
  14. Ping now works, it seems to be running slow. whenever I type sudo su takes about 40 seconds to respond and I get the name resolution error. This would also explain why I can not connect to internet if the Eclypse has some kind of issue running from the SD card. (?)
  15. Ok, when I tried sudo su pin get this