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  1. Hi Attila, thank you for your advice, it solved all my problem. Regards, Kafe
  2. Hi @JColvin, thank you for your fast response. Hope it is not serious and we will see your engineer soon. To your advice: I work on project with a small device, which sends binary packets and uses a framing format similar to PPP (frame begin/end is flagged by 0x7e). So my first attempt was set the trigger to protocol (0x7e[~]) with result as follows: As you can see the first byte disappeared without a trace. With the edge controlled trigger, I could better analyze the problem. Regards, Kafe
  3. I am using Waveform 3.13.6 64-bit Qt5.9.7 on a Windows 10. Using the UART protocol decoder, I noticed that the UART protocol decoder does not consider the first bit as a start bit and "loses" the first byte if the trigger starts at the edge of the UART signal. The first two bytes were 0x7e and the picture below shows the problem: My serial port setting is 115200,8,n,1. I have attached the workspace file. Please advise me, how can I properly the first byte too. Thank you in advance uart0-for-Digilent-forum.zip