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  1. At last, I have Vitis successfully running the 'Hello World' program! JColvin, thank you for the suggestions.
  2. Yes, I found this one: Lec89 - Demo: Microblaze processor on FPGA. (I'll paste the link in the next reply.) It is targeted for a Basys 3 board. I thought it would work. I'm using the IP block design flow. Yes, I installed the Digilent board file for the Nexys A7 100T. It works successfully for my HDL designs. I see what's going on: The IP block design is calling for a differential clock. I modified clk_whiz_1 from a differential clock to a single line. Thanks, I'll try the Getting Started with Vivado IP Integrator and Vitis, even
  3. I'll be happy to generate a tutorial if I can get 'Hello World' to work in this configuration.
  4. Hi, Where can I find a tutorial to run 'Hello World' with Vivado 2020.1 and Vitis to run on Nexys A7-100T ? I've searched everywhere, including this forum, and couldn't find a tutorial. I tried a tutorial on YouTube for the Artix 7, and I'm unable to generate a bitstream. I get this critical warning: [Vivado 12-1411] Cannot set LOC property of ports, Cannot set PACKAGE_PIN property of ports, port reset_0 can not be placed on PACKAGE_PIN C12 because the PACKAGE_PIN is occupied by port reset. Please note that for projects targeting board parts, user LOC constraints cann
  5. I'm trying to download the latest version of Vitis and it fails. I get the message: "Could not locate ...\bin\setup-boot-loader.bat" Operating System: Windows 10 Pro for Workstations, version 1909 (OS Build 18636.10.1016), 64-bit Steps prior to this failure: I successfully downloaded Vivado 2020.1 and it runs ok. Downloaded Xilinx_Vivado_Vitis_Update_2020.1.1_0805_2247.tar.gz and extracted the files. Tried running xsetup.exe and first get the warning: "Microsoft Defender SmartScreen prevented an unrecognized app from starting. This app may put your PC at risk."
  6. i get the message, "Vitis launch failed" when select Tools > Launch Vitas. I'm assuming that Vitas is a substitute for SDK. I've tried everything: Uninstalled / Re-installed Vivado 2019.2.1 Started a new project from scratch Looked for solutions in Xilinx and Digilent Forums I'm trying to run through the tutorial: Section 6.3 fails: File > Launch SDK does not appear in the pull down menu I'm running the tutorial on the Nexys A7 100T No solutions can be found. Questi