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  1. Hello All, Me again, with a basic "getting started" question. In the Arty Z7 and Zybo examples, there are interrupt examples that use the external buttons on the AXI GPIO (pressing any of these buttons on either board can cause an interrupt). I want to use all of the GPIO pins on the GPIO0 port of the Arty Z7 board (which are labeled DP0-DP13), but let's say I only want to attach an interrupt to one of them. Example: DP0 - DP6 are inputs, DP7 - DP13 are outputs. Attach a positive edge triggered interrupt to DP6 ONLY. Is there an example that shows how to do this?
  2. Greetings! I have been through several of the basic "getting started" tutorials with the Arty Z7 board (so far, so good). Now, I want to use the shield pins on the Arty Z7 (no buttons or LEDs), so I have added two GPIO IPs to my block diagram (see attachment for block diagram). Eventually, I want to add interrupts to these GPIO pins. When I do this, I get this list of warnings: WARNING: [Board 49-26] cannot add Board Part digilentinc.com:genesys2:part0:1.1 available at C:/Xilinx/vivado-boards/new/board_files/genesys2/H/board.xml as part xc7k325tffg900-2 specified in board_part
  3. Sorry everyone - I win the sucker award for bad post. I had the wrong board chosen as the target (I chose the Arty A7 board, which does NOT have an onboard Zynq processor).
  4. Greetings All! Basic question here - I'm following this tutorial: https://reference.digilentinc.com/vivado/getting-started-with-ipi/2018.2 (I'm actually using Vivado 2020.2) In my block diagram, when I "Add IP" and search for Zynq, I do not see anything for the Zynq processing system. Am I missing something? (Screenshot of "Add IP" menu attached)
  5. Greetings all! I have ordered an Arty Z7 (7020), and I'm looking around for some basic C or C++ examples to be used with it. As a learning example, let's say I ONLY want to use the Arm dual core processor (no programmable logic, and no Linux operating system). Is there a bare metal example that shows a basic interrupt, or a "ping pong" variable exchange between the dual cores?