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  1. Hello JColvin, No, in this case the XC7A35T installed on customer board. As you can see on the first picture, any device was not recognized.
  2. After several times re-installation with full erasing the Digilent folder it started to work again. I afraid that it can happen on the customer site. Please check the issue and fix the problem.
  3. Hello. My project includes cmod-s7 and HS3 connected to the XC7A35T. I work on windows 10. Everything worked correctly, but sometimes the system lost connection to the devices. Reinstalling the Digilent drivers helped. The last time (today), this happened, and the reinstallation had no effect. These devices appear in the device manager, but Adept2 does not detect them. Replacing USB cables is also not effective. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Well. Looks like I found the problem. Sorry for inconveniences.
  5. Hello JColvin, Sorry for delay. To my regret the problem is still appear. You can see the connections between HS3 and ARTY7 on attached image. HS3 pin1 connected to ARTY J8.5 by black wire. (GND) HS3 pin2 connected to ARTY J8.6 by red wire. (VCC) HS3 pin4 connected to ARTY J8.1 by purple wire. (TMS) HS3 pin6 connected to ARTY J8.4 by yellow wire. (TCK) HS3 pin8 connected to ARTY J8.3 by blue wire. (TDO) HS3 pin10 connected to ARTY J8.2 by white wire. (TDI) I purchased 2 HS3 adapters and both of them behaviors the same. You can see it on attached images. What can be a reason? What another way to check HS3 cables? But with the old Digilent USB cable all works correctly.
  6. Hi JColvin, Sure I connected the HS3 adapter to the board. Please look attached images.
  7. Now, after the next reinstallation, the status has changed. The direct connection is working. The HS3 connection recognized, but doesn't work.
  8. Hello JColvin, Yes exactly. The board is on, but the Adept does not recognize it. I do not have Vivado installed on my computer. Adept also does not recognize the HS3 adapter. Changing USB ports and cables has no effect.
  9. I'm working with ARTY-A7 FPGA board and ADEPT v2.19.2 in Windows 10. At first, the system often lost contact with the board, but after reinstalling digilent.adept.system_v2.19.2, the connection was restored. Now reinstalling no longer helps. What can be a reason?