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  1. Hi J. Colvin. Thank you for that information. I am delighted to say it worked. I cleared the two libraries and started everything the sketch on a new version and then downloaded the libraries again, loaded the sketch manually as it is a short program and it is working fine now. Thank you again for directing me where to look for the solution.
  2. Hi. I have a problem compiling an arduino Uno board. I have the correct board selected and and correct com port also. The problem only arose when I downloaded and copied into the include Libraries Adafruit DHT sensor library and Adafruit 's unified sensor library. I upgraded the arduino to version 1.8.10. Tried to run a sketch which contains the above two libraries but get "Cannot verify/compile " the sketch. This worked before I upgraded and added the two libraries. IT also says "Error compiling for board arduino/genuino. I suspect that the DHT library or both were not uploaded to the arduino