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  1. Hi, Can we use bluetooth hc05 with digilent atlys spartan6 XC6SLX45 fpga board Plz provide the solution for this if anyone has Thank you
  2. Which android app is used to communicate with pmod ble bluetooth? Plz provide any videos or references if u have Thank you
  3. How to configure digilent pmod ble bluetooth as master and slave
  4. Hi Jcolvin, Thank u sir for this solution. Actually we are using digilent Atlys spartan6 XC6SLX45 board.Can you please tell whether the above solution can be applied for this board? Thank you
  5. How do we install device driver of pmod kypd keypad Plz provide a solution if anyone has
  6. How can we configure port of dip_switch in EDK tool for Digilent Atlys xillinx spartan6 XC6SLX45 fpga board. Plz provide a solution if anyone has. Thank u