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  1. sagar0077

    I2C switch on pmod

    can i implement i2c switch on pmod port of fpga arty board so that i2c communication happen between 2 pin of arty board
  2. how can bram addresss data convert into 32 bit binary in verilog
  3. i had written some data in bram location for example 0x0040000 i want read that through my custom logic through port b
  4. can you give me example how can i read BRAM port b data from my custom rtl verilog code
  5. Creating a Custom IP core using the IP Integrator share exact process
  6. any one verilog RTL logic example interface with microblaze read from microblaze
  7. I had designed microblaze c based uart command decoder which write data in BRAM0 in certain location .how i can do verilog code so that data from bram location i can access
  8. sagar0077

    arty pmod

    any another way is there without using pmod ip
  9. sagar0077

    arty pmod

    share sample code for toggle pmod for ja and mask with switch
  10. sagar0077

    arty pmod

    sample c code for arty pmod led toggle