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  1. Arshi

    LVDS input output behaviour

    I understand LVDS cannot be used as a comparator. I have seen in few papers that LVDS can be used instead of comparator. Could you please tell me how it works?
  2. Arshi

    LVDS input output behaviour

    Do I understand that you are trying to drive the LVDS_25 input pairs on your Kintex board with a signal generator? Yes... I'm trying to implement Tracking ADC in FPGA. Instead of external comparator, I'm trying to use LVDS as a comparator Analog and reference voltage is just a naming as mentioned in file. Those are two inputs to LVDS. I'm taking signals from generator to understand LVDS behaviour.
  3. I interfaced FPGA(Kintex_7, LVDS_25, Vadj=1.8v)with external board to provide inputs(Analog voltage and reference voltage) to LVDS. I adjusted frequencies of signal generators to 1µHz and amplitudes to least possible value 10mv. When both the inputs are 10mv, comparator output is zero. I kept analog voltage 10mv and increased reference voltage(51mv) till the comparator turn on. In the next step, reference voltage is kept same and analog voltage is increased till comparator turn on. This process is repeated to max voltage levels. Please find the attached file for the values noted down. I’m unable to relate this to theory. Analog voltage is always less than Reference voltage but still why the comparator keeps switching? In the beginning its 41mv difference but later it will be 100mv, 250mv …why so?. It would be helpful if someone explain the LVDS input output behavior as a comparator considering those noted values in the file. Comparator_Signalgenerator_inputs 3 copy.xlsx