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  1. Hi Attila, Yes that's how I set trig/1 as the source and the slope but I don;t see how to set the level (threshold). For example, 1.5V or 0.9V. Thanks
  2. Hello, I'm using AD2 with Labview and I am wondering if there's way to set the trigger level for trig/1 or trig/2 inputs. I don't want to use the analog channels for triggering, since I am using them for capturing. Thanks
  3. Any updates on stock and availability of the Analog Discovery 2?
  4. I updated to the latest Beta release of the DWF. My issue got resolved
  5. Greetings, Question about the Analog Discovery: When does the acquisition state transition from "Running" to "Acquisition Complete"? Is it when the internal buffer is full? or is it when the number of samples requested have been acquired? When setting up the MSO timing using the DWF MSO Configure Timing VI, I can specify the Sample Rate and the Acquisition Time . This leads me to believe (I'm guessing) that the condition for transitioning from "Running" to "Acquisition Complete" is when the number of samples acquired has reached the value: Sample Rate x Acquisition Time. However, I have had the AD2 trigger and get stuck in the "Running" state until I provide a second trigger. Very puzzling... Thanks
  6. I changed my VI and inserted a MSO Query Acquisition Status between the MSO Run and the MSO Read. I also put an event structure and a loop to check for Stop button in the same loop. This allows me to hold off on trying to read the data from the instrument until acquisition is complete and check for stop button event. I still can't stop the execution with the Stop button on my front panel. I'm just trying to emulate the functionality of the Stop button in the WaveForms app, in which, regardless of the status of the MSO, you can hit stop and halt execution. This should be simple to emulate with the Digilent WaveForms VI's.
  7. I'm wondering if the DWF MSO Stop.vi function would be able to stop or interrupt the DWF MSO Read.vi function if I invoke it using the same instrument handle from a structure running in parallel. Would it have equal or greater priority? I'll wait for @attila's input. Thanks
  8. Hi JColvin, Yes the DWF MSO Stop.vi is available but I am wondering how to use it once the DWF MSO Read.vi has been called. It seems like once once we are inside DWF MSO Read.vi there's no way to abort or return unless all data has been read from the device data buffer. I'm hoping there's a simple solution that someone can suggest. Thanks!
  9. Hi JColvin, After I hit the Start Button, the execution starts fine and the AD2 waits for the trigger condition. I turned on "Highlight Execution" I noticed that execution is stopped inside the DWF MSO Read vi (see image attached) which is expected since the trigger has not arrived yet. However, I want to be able to interrupt it when I hit the STOP button but it seems like no other event has the ability to interrupt the DWF MSO Read vi (other than unplugging the AD2). Any suggestions?
  10. Hello, I created a sub VI which contains a simple analog channel acquisition flow using the the AD2. I wanted to use a START and a STOP button to control its operation. However, once I hit the START button, the VI hangs and won't respond to any front panel action until I unplug the AD2 device. It's probably something fundamentally wrong with the way I am implementing it. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Scope Hang Debug.vi AD (SubVI).vi
  11. Hello, I just wondering if the cross triggering capabilities described in the tutorial below can be accomplished in LabView Digilent WaveForms VI library. https://reference.digilentinc.com/learn/instrumentation/tutorials/analog-discovery-studio-using-cross-triggers Does anyone have some example VI's that demonstrate cross-triggering? Thanks!
  12. HI Atilla, I've been using the AD Toolkit with LabView but have not found the Math Channels feature that WaveForms offers. Do you know how to add a Math Channel? Thanks!
  13. Are Analog Discovery Math Channels available in Labview? They are described in the Digilent WaveForms app documentation as follows:
  14. Thanks attila! I'll give it a try! I'm assuming this can also be done using LabView?
  15. Greetings! Is it possible to start sampling the scope channels based on the state of one of the digital I/O input? Suppose I have a CMOS digital input pulse that starts at logic 0 and goes logic 1 fafterr 100 us. I would like to sample Oscilloscope input channel 1 and/or 2 for the duration of the digital input being high. Thanks.