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  1. Michael -- Thanks for responding. Above where I asked what would happen if I removed power, I was referring to removing USB-side power. In our fixture, connections are always present -- everything is under program control and we cannot require the personnel performing the test to plug and unplug cables during the test. How would the JTAG-HS3 behave if I never gave it USB-side power, and only have it power from the target? Would the USB interface still work, or does it need 5V to drive the USB port? From my black-box testing, when JTAG target power is present the HS3 stops dr
  2. Starglow -- Like you, I found that there are no male 2mm ribbon cable connectors to use to connect to the HS3. I used a PCB mount Molex 87832-1420 connector. For another project, I came across this board, which is a pitch adapter: Due to their size, they are relatively inexpensive. The configuration on the right shows a pair of them ganged together to create a male to male 2mm adapter. The board design was published, allowing OshPark to sell them to whomever wants them. The through-hole 14-pin 2mm male connector is
  3. Starglow -- I had a similar problem. The ends of the Molex connectors are too close together to accept a normal 2mm ribbon connector. For the short term, you could saw the ends of the connector off with a razor saw. For the long term, we are using parts similar to 98424-G52-14LF from FCI. It should accept either a ribbon cable or the HS3. Specifically, we are successfully using an 98424-G52-18LF part on our board. We use an 18-pin ribbon cable to connect a "debugger board" that contains all of the circuits that we didn't have room for on our product board. The extra fou
  4. I have a JTAG-HS3 programmer that is performing strangely. When powered, it seems excessively warm. I can use it to program my Zynq board if in JTAG boot mode, but it will not boot up unless I disconnect the programmer. I checked the reset line, and it is not being asserted by the programmer. I tried a different unit and it works fine. Is this a common failure mode? I will be embedding a JTAG-HS3 in my test fixture for the Zynq board. If I remove power to the programmer, will the JTAG signals be high impedance? Should I insert buffer gates on TMS, TCK, and TDI to is