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  1. I'm still not certain why openocd does not open the device, but this I am less concerned about, since the entire reason for me to get this JTAG-HS2 was to be able to use the ILA in my designs which use the Vivado block diagram designer. I will figure that out later!
  2. Following some other threads to their root cause, I decided to try using USB power on the Numato Mimas A7 by changing the jumper P2 from EXT (I had connected a 12V 2A supply) to USB (the USB-B cable also attached to my host. It worked after this. Thanks.
  3. Hi folks - I just bought a JTAG-HS2 cable to try to program and debug my Numato Mimas A7 from Vivado. Vivado detects the cable and the FPGA beyond it, but when I try to program, it gives me an error (attached). Okay, so I went back to basics, and tried to check out the chain using openocd, but openocd can't even find the cable at all! (attached) Am I missing something obvious here?
  4. Hello - I have accidentally erased the FT2232H on my Zynq Zybo Z7 (7020). May I please have the recovery instructions? Thanks.