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  1. Would someone familiar with the coursework be willing to help me one on one, I wouldn't mind compensating them for their time.
  2. JColvin, Thanks for getting back with me. I need help to get started. The solution files give me compiling errors. I was able to fix the "Missing PLib.h" error my mapping the path of the files but I get the errors as indicated in the attached file. I am able to run demo files which means my MPLabX installation is fine. I would appreciate if someone can give a small program to turn one of the LEDs on and also help me get started with Lab1a on the coursework. Thanks, Archana Lab1aErrorScreenShot.docx
  3. I am having difficulty with BaSysMX3 board coursework: I am new to PICMCUs, the coursework seems to be dated, has anyone adopted this coursework in their instruction?