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  1. Hi, I impelemnted a design composed of a softcore processor (RISC-V based), on a Nexys 4 DDR (Nexys A7) board. The software is stored in the DDR2 Memory. The software accesses the DDR2 memory through a controller interface. Now, I'd like to add an Audio IP that can fetch some audio samples, stored in a specific location (by the processor) in the DDR2 memory, and feed them to the audio output. However, since the interface is taken by the processor, is there a way to use that interface by the audio driver too? I read about something called the Ping Pong PHY, but apparently it is only
  2. Hello, I am working on a project where I need to playback some sounds depending on specific inputs. The system contains a BRAM containing pre-recorded audio samples (pronunciation of numbers from 1 to 10). From that memory, and depending on input dip switches (4 LSB bits), the appropriate sound sample is loaded from the memory and transferred to the audio output. My target FPGA board is the Nexys 4 DDR, the IP will be integrated with a softcore that already uses the DDR2 Memory cannot use is to store the samples, I have to instaciate memory from BRAM. The softcore already uses