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  1. I just edited the device window ,and changed it to Basys 3 Part number and the Bistream Worked,but when i turn on the board the Pmod doesn't even light up .Can you take a look at the constraints and see if that is the problem ? Thank you !
  2. Hi everyone ! I have little project to do :displaying an image on PMOD Oled in VHDL Language. I took the Nexys4 vhdl project and tried to make it run, i have an Basys 3 Board,so i've just replaced some constraints with mine on the Board,and it gives me Failed Bitream Write:W5,J1,L1 are not valid site or package pin .Why are they not valid pins,Do I need to make extra stuff to make it work on this Different Board ? I'll attach the constraint file below.Thank you in Advance. Nexys4_Master.xdc