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    Zain Zaidi reacted to Ana-Maria Balas in Can't figure out physical connections for Basys3 XADC Demo   
    Hello @Zain Zaidi,
    The JAXC6 and JAXC12 provides 3.3V VCC and are not inputs.
    The ADC differential input must be with a voltage difference between 0-1V.
    The input signal for each JXADC channel of the Pmod must be between 0 - 3.3V.
    So if you connect your XA_N channels to ground, then you must apply to the XA_P channels a voltage between 0-1V.
    ex :   XA1_P= 0.5sin(wt), XA1_N = 0V   => XA1_P - XA1_N = 0.5sin(wt) differential input for ADC.
    XA1_P= 2.5sin(wt), XA1_N = 2.2sin(wt)   => XA1_P - XA1_N = 0.3sin(wt) differential input for +ADC.
    Please read ug480  pages 31-32.
    If you look into the schematic file of the Basys 3, you will see that the Vp(A12) and Vn(B13) pins are connected to XADCGND.