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  1. I skipped ic3 through the fly line, so that my board can still be used, although there will be less functions, but this is no way. If there are other solutions please tell me, thank you very much.
  2. Hi,Digilent The 2315b chip of my ADS board is burnt out. I can use it normally if I replace the chip on another good board. But I can't buy the original chip (Microchip technology). If I use SMSC instead of connecting to the computer, it will show that it cannot be recognized. I don’t know what to do, can my board be repaired? Thanks!
  3. Leo_W

    Analog Discovery Studio

    Hi,digilent I would like to ask if there is a schematic diagram of the ADS. There are problems with both ads on my side. One of the boards has replaced ic3 (usb2513b), but it cannot be recognized when connected to the computer. After the USB2513B is replaced, can it be used normally, or need additional settings? The other board can be identified , but the chip is abnormally hot.The resistance of both ends of C33 near ic7 of the board is less than 6 ohms, which is short-circuited. This C33 has a higher resistance on other boards. It is not easy to analyze where there is a problem. Th
  4. Hi,Digilent When I was using G2 outdoors (high temperature), the board suddenly cut off power and the fan stopped. At that time, I found that the chip was very hot. After a few hours, after the board cooled down completely, I turned on the power and found that it could be used normally. It seemed that there was no problem. So I want to ask if there is overheating protection, or is there something wrong with my board?
  5. Hi @attila I accidentally touched this when I was trying to solder. It seems to be a capacitor. Is there a model for this device? Soldering feels too difficult for me, and I am sorrowful about it. Thanks!
  6. Hi @attila Thank you very much, it helped me a lot
  7. Hi digilent, Due to a mistake in my operation, this part of the ad2 power supply (it seems to be a fuse or the like) is burned out. I shorted it and found that it can still be used normally, so I would like to ask the model of these two devices. Thanks!
  8. Leo_W

    Genesys ZU

    Hi @JColvin Thank you for your help. That helped me a lot.The garbled problem has been solved, although there are other problems.I will learn and try on my own. Thanks!
  9. Leo_W

    Genesys ZU

    Hi,Digilent I am trying to create an acceleration platform for Vitis using GZU board, the reference connection is https://forums.xilinx.com/t5/Design-and-Debug-Techniques-Blog/Creating-an-Acceleration-Platform-for-Vitis-Part-Two-Creating/ba-p/1138667 But when I started the Linux image on the board, the serial port received garbled code, I'm not sure why. Maybe there is a problem with the clock, I would like to ask what is the input frequency of PSS_REF_CLK, 33.333MHz or 30MHz or something. The tutorial in this reference link doesn't seem to be very detailed, and I'm trying to ge
  10. Leo_W


    Hi digilent, My SUME board has been missing some devices that prevented me from powering on, and I've asked questions about them before. Finally replacing the device with the LTC2974, I found that digilent appeared to have been pre-configured in the LTC2974.How can I burn the firmware into the power system manager so that my board can be successfully powered on. Thanks.
  11. Hi digilent, I have some questions about G2. Could you please help me answer them? 1. Whether the VADJ power domain on the development board can be switched to 3.3V through JP6 (the schematic diagram calculation does not reach 3.3V); 2. Whether the clock pin is specified, or whether the high-speed clock is specified; 3. The MGTAVTT1V2 in the power field is not connected to the socket. Can we use a peripheral 1.2V to refer to whether the timing requirements of the relevant pin are met? 4. Whether GBTCLK_M2C(0-1) and other clock pins can be used as conventional GPIO port
  12. Leo_W


    Hi digilent, I failed to start my SUME properly and found that some resistors and capacitors were missing, but the model number and resistance value were not marked on the schematic diagram, which bothered me.I don't know if they're soldered on the back, the back is blocked by the radiator. Thanks!
  13. Leo_W

    Nexys4 DDR

    Hi @Bianca The pin on the IC5 chip was supposed to be 3.3v, but I got only 1v.The board can be powered on normally, but the display is an unknown device.So I think there is a problem with IC5, but I don't have the relevant schematic diagram or chip model.
  14. Leo_W

    Nexys4 DDR

    Hi digilent, I have a question on the Nexys 4 DDR board. In schematic, where does FT3V3 come from? It seems FT3V3 doesn't go anywhere. Is there any schematic or information about FT3V3? Thanks!
  15. Leo_W

    Nexys4 DDR

    Hi digilent, My computer could not recognize N4. After detection, it found abnormal voltage of IC5 pin, but there was no schematic diagram of this part. I would like to try to repair myself, hoping to have this part of the schematic and chip signal. Thanks!