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  1. Thanks for this circuit. I measure every pin of the IC10, there is no output for the USR_VCC12V0 and I find that the EN pin is 1.5V, which should be 5V. This pin should be the energize for IC10 to work. However, I don't know where is the PGVCC 5V comes from.
  2. Hi, My Analog Discovery studio has -12V, 3.3V, 5V output. But no +12V ouput. I unpacked the ADS cover to find the +12V without schematic because I can't find the schematic on the official website. I want to find the power tree circuit. So I can figure out which ic gives the +12V output from the 15V input. Is it possible to let me know the part power tree circuit of +12V or let me know how to repair it?
  3. I did Debugging Connections between Olimex ARM-USB-TINY-H and Arty Board’s PMOD header to program an application on Sifive Risc-V core. Unfortunately, I failed to execute the normal program on Vivado. I think I have erased EEPROM attached to the FT2232 device on the Arty. Is there any way to get my board back to its factory Settings have make it programmable? I did it on two boards, they have the same problem. Arty-A7 100t Nexys A7 100t