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  1. Hi JColvin, Thank you for your response, I have found the information you posted usefull, and am trying to implement the code in "Software Models and Planning" from Appendices: P01. I am having trouble with line 11 of the "Project1.c" code, where the #include <plib.h> is not found by MPLAB X. After looking at some forums where users are facing similar issues, I found out that this is due to the plib.h library not being included with the xc32 complier, and Microchip have provided a separate download of these files called "Legacy Peripheral Libraries". I have downloaded and installed these files, but MPLAB X is still having trouble finding them. Please could you advise me on how to solve this issue, as it seems these files are key to using the MX 7 pro development kit. Kind Regards Sol08
  2. Dear All, I am new to programming with microcontrollers and I have to use the Digilent Pro MX7 kit for a project. I have had a look at the resources on the reference manual, but I am still struggling to configure the kit and compile a basic LED flashing program to it in MPLAB X IDE. Are there any basic tutorials available to help me with this? Kind Regards Sol