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  1. vport

    hirose fx2

    I want to purchase hirose fx2 100 pin connector for nexys2 .which type i purchase to female or male connector Hirose FX2-100S-1.27DS Socket Connector
  2. I want to download cutom firmware to RAM OF board fx2 usb on nexys2 board HOW TO DOWNLLOAD CUSTOM FIRMWARE TO cy7c68013a RAM THANKS
  3. vport

    nexys2 fpga board usb

    I want to use follwing application note over my nexys2 board but unable to understand follwing lines https://github.com/AlexWillisson/soc/blob/master/digilent.adept.sdk_2.0.1/doc/Digilent Synchronous Parallel Interface (DSTM).pdf The order of events when calling DSTM APIs is as follows: • The EPPEN signal is set low to disable the EPP interface. • The necessary configurations are applied and the USB controller is put in slave FIFO mode. • The STMEN signal is set high to signal the enabling of the DSTM interface. how to disable EPPEN AND STMEN ON NEXYS2 BOARD
  4. vport

    nexys2 fpga board usb

    I want to nexys2 board for usb communication. I have complete work on EPP usb communication now i want to use slave fifo on nexys2 board .i have some questions 1) Is nexys2 capable of slave ffio mode 2) how to disable EPP mode on nexys2 3) if there an eaxmple for nexys2 slave fifo so please give me lin thanks