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  1. Hi, I am a newbie, I want to know whether HS3 would work with Spartan 6 FPGA. The guy from whom we buy stuffs is saying that we need to buy xilinx jtag programmer/debugger. But that would cost more than we could afford. I got confused and came here to help. I have also posted a help under new topic but it seemed no one replied. So I came here. If this is a wrong place for this post I am glad to get it removed. Thank you.
  2. Hi, First thing first. I am a starter in the fpga custom design. I have done few simple projects codes in Digilent virtex 5 board but now circumstances requires me to get more IO pins. I will, in this section mention first what I am planning (English is not my first language sorry for any errors). 1) I am using XC6SLX9 2) Route the VCCAUX, VCCINT, GND, 100MHZ single ended clk. 3) Route out the JTAG pins (namely TMS, TDO, TDI, TCK) 4) I am using ISE 14.7 5) 1) I just want to generate gate signals. In this section I shall lay out what help I want. 1) Is what I have done enough to program the spartan 6 device via JTAG? (I know it will be volatile) 2) Can I program it using the JTAG HS3 cable? (someone said that I need the platform cable to program and HS3 only works with series 7 ics, but platform cable would cost too much for me at this moment) 3) For a 14pins (7 pins in 2 row) JTAG connector, what other routing I need to consider from the FPGA (except the 4 JTAG pins mentioned in the previous section) . Any other help or information that I need is extremely acknowledged. FYI: I am also attaching an approximate final outcome that I want.