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  1. Dear JColvin Thanks for your reply and advice. We installed the Digilent Adept System v2.19.2 (windows). However, It always showed the Initialization failed. We also tried to install the Utilities windows v2.2.1, but the result was the same. I attach screenshot of which software installed, and the message when I open Digilent Adept software. Does the connect (in right top) can choose JtagHs3 tahe means computer can find devise from USB port? But config also show no devices identified. We still lost some files? Which part could cause initialization failed? Best Regards, -intt
  2. Hi, I have a trouble with JTAG-HS3 cable. When I execute boundary scan and initialize chain, then I get the error as follows: "ERROR:iMPACT : A problem may exist in the hardware configuration. Check that the cable, scan chain, and power connections are intact, that the specified scan chain configuration matches the actual hardware, and that the power supply is adequate and delivering the correct voltage. Searching through the web, I found the suggestion which says I should install digilent software. So I searched through the web trying to find a driver from the digilent web page though, I cannot find it. Do we have to install a driver for JTAG-HS3? I appreciate your advice. -intt