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  1. two screen shots and the workspace attached hanging.dwf3work
  2. Unclear if the Disable the auto reconnect was for me but I disabled it and no difference. I also have a brand new AD2 that I tried and the same thing. Swapped cables... same thing. this was all on a Macbook Pro Retina 15" 2.3gHz i7 Late 2013 running 10.14.6 Also went to a 27" imac 3.2gHz i5 Late 2013 running 10.15.7 same thing. All of this is while running Bode plots in the network function. I went to the signal generator looped back to the scope and same thing on both computers. dave
  3. More info. Ver 3.10 runs bode sweeps for hours in and out of sleep/wake without a pause or hiccup. When ver 3.18 hangs it stays stuck on a single tone until the beach ball stops spinning then it continues to sweep. other observations: -if left sweeping for 5 minutes and then the mouse is moved it hangs for 5-10 seconds then continues. -If left sweeping until the computer goes to sleep it took 3 minutes of spinning beach ball to resume. -If the AD2 is plugged in the green LED flashes at a constant rate independent of the software function.
  4. Went to 3.18.10 and reset the device and it still hangs. I'm on OS 10.14 on a Retina LAte 2013 MBP... I cant go up to 10.15 because i'll lose all my 32 bit software. I have noticed it happens when the program has been doing sweeps for a bit. If left running it will sweep the bode plots for hours but when I return after a minute or two and try to make a change it hangs. The computer is in use so it is not a sleep thing. Once it is working I can make changes to levels or whatever without issue. It also seems the longer it is idle without a change of anything the longer it takes
  5. I just worked about 4 hours with my old version 3.10 without a hiccup. This leads me to believe it is a software issue and not a hardware one.
  6. The odd thing is this never happend before I went from 3.10.9 which has run flawlessly for years to 3.17 then 3.16. I'll try 3.10 again and see if the problem persists. I first loaded 3.17 on an Imac running 1OS 10.15 and it also hung up.... At the time I thought that was from a lack of processing power since I have a few other programs that also run slow on it but now I see a pattern happening with older (2012/2013) macs. what version was the first to have the tracer function? dave
  7. It doesn't typically "crash" rather the spinning beach ball continues for more than a few minutes and I force quit in order to restart and finish working. I'll try to get it to "stall" and leave it until it crashes to get a report. I do not recall actually crashing since I backed down from 3.17 to 3.16.
  8. I was running an older (2-3 years) version of waveforms with OS 10.14.6 on a 2012 macbook pro and all was great. I switched to Waveforms 3.17 to get the curve tracer function anf I get the "spinning beach ball" a lot. Sometimes it lasts a few seconds other times I need to force quit and restart. I tried the latest beta version of 3.17.21 with the same issue and then went back a release to 3.16 and it still gets stuck. I have restarted the computer, quit other programs and done repeated installs and it still hangs. It will run a continuous bode plot for an hour but the minute I try to
  9. got my replacement AD2 and all is fine. tried the new USB cord with the problematic AD2 and the same pattern remains. I do occasionally lose connection when the computer does sleep but the 5-10 minute thing has to be a different issue since it happens while I am actively using the device. I'll try the USB connector next. by any chance do you have a part number that fits? dave
  10. I will routinely lose connection when the macbook does go to sleep but that isn't the issue in this case because it happens like clockwork after about 4-6 minutes. Once it loses connection it may reconnect for a minute before it simply will not reconnect, not be visible or crashes Waveforms. If I unplug it for 20 minutes I am able to get another 5 minute "run" when I reconnecti it. I was looking at some FFT's with my other AD2 and it was of a 15Khz sine oversampled 20X with distortion and active cursors and that one would occasionally crash too. this is the first time that has happened wit
  11. how do I get to the window that shows the temperature?
  12. I have played a bit more with it and don't think the USB connector is the issue. If the device has been of and is cold it will run for 4-6 minutes before it disconnects and then will not stay connected for more than a few seconds. I plug in the cold AD2 and run the datalogger to see the timeframe and leave it undisturbed until disconnect. after 5 cycles of this the 4-6 minute pattern is identical and the AD2 becomes warm. My backup AD2 will run for hours and not change temperature appreciably. dave
  13. looking in at the USB connector in the AD2 it appears as if the gold plating is worn off / missing on the device with the issues. The other device that is working has some distressed marks in the gold but the offending unit is in much worse shape.
  14. Why would it be device specific? It only occurs with one of my AD2's. I have tried several different USB cables and I also tried adding an external 5V wall supply and the one device still gives the same error after a few minutes of use.
  15. My AD2 has been working flawlessly for about two years and recently it suddenly started losing connection after a minute or two and giving the following warning: Communication with the device failed. Please check the USB cable and power supply connections. For further troubleshooting consult the Help. Communication with the device failed DptiIO failed ERC: 0xA I tried different USB cables and both USB ports on the macbook with no change and I have another "backup" AD2 with one channel out that does not have this issue. I have reinstalled Waveforms and reset t