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  1. I have a task, as a part of my master thesis, to generate a sine wave using Pmod DA4. I found the solution, however, to generate a sine wave using look-up table. The online LUT generators are for fixed amplitude i.e., sine wave is generated with a dc offset of 1.25V and an amplitude of 1.25Vp-p (considering DA4 with a reference of 1.25V and an internal gain of 2). However, I want to generate a sine wave with different amplitude and frequency (changing frequency is possible with the help of timers, so that is not a problem). Therefore, I want to know if it is really possible to generate a different amplitude sine wave? Is there any algorithm for doing that? My requirements are, 1. Sine wave with the frequency of around 10Hz (which is possible). 2. With 500mV of dc offset and around 50mVp-p of amplitude. I am using zeboard for the development.
  2. Thank you so much for the response, but it works perfectly fine already. There were little changes required in the driver file, after which the DAC updates the voltage values perfectly as per the datasheet.
  3. Hello, I am Raghu, doing my Master Thesis. I am using Zedboard to emulate few sensor's signals. I have already implemented DA1 and AD2 on to Zedboard and connected in the loop. They both work perfectly fine. But next step was to implement DA4 in my design, and I didn't find any drivers for the same. So I tried using normal AXI SPI IP in the hardware design for DA4 and tried to develop my own driver (considering DA1's driver as an example). All the initialization part works perfectly fine and the communication also takes place as per DA4's datasheet. But when it is asked to send data, it is not sending the exact data. Any help regarding the same would be very helpful. Please find the attached for my complete SDK project and a separate Program file. DA_4.zip DA_4_Prog.zip