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  1. Here's some more information. This is for a lab class of approximately 40 students a year. We need the board to 1) programmable with MPLAB X. Harmony is OK but not required. I know we need a programmer for the WiFire board. 2) support freeRTOS 3) include WiFi and support a TCP/IP client - we can get away with simple http GET calls to a server (under freeRTOS) 4) provide access to IO pins. The basysMX3 was challenging because it had a limited number of IO pins. Previously we used the MX3cerebot and that had more pins than we really needed. 5) cost under $100. We've used digilent boards for years and am I'm hoping digilent has something we can use for this new lab.
  2. We currently use a BASYS MX3/freeRTOS in labs but would like to add IOT capabilities. Does anyone have experience using the WiFire board for IOT applications - simple data collection and pushing the data to a server. We'd prefer to use freeRTOS/MPLAB X but could go the ArduinoIDE route. Or maybe there is a better platform for this?