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  1. Hello, we have been downloading, installing and doing a brief test of "digilent.waveforms_beta_v3.13.8_64bit.exe". Now the jitter issue disappeared, DD is working as expected and we can start using it for our application. We also tested 3.10.9 and here also no jitter issue occured. We will go with beta_V3.13.8. Thank you for your help Best regards
  2. Hello Attila, Hello Bianca, Hello JColvin, we are going to download the latest beta version and testing it today or tomorrow. Then we will provide feedback. Thanks for your fast help. Best regards Christoph
  3. Hello JColvin, thank you for the information. When do you think we can get response or a solution? Thanks and best regards, Christoph
  4. Hello Bianca, is there an update on above topic available? Thank you and best regards Christoph
  5. Hello Bianca, thanks for the quick response. I added the workspace file below. I hope with this you can reproduce the behaviour. We get the pulse with 10ms period from an external source. It is the Marker Output of a Rhode Schwarz Vector Signal Generator SMBV100A. The output from the SMBV100A is connected to DIN0 of the Digital Discovery which we want to use to trigger the Pattern generator. First we thought that the jitter can be caused by the bad signal integrity of the trigger pulse. The signal did not look very nice, but then we added a termination at the end of the si
  6. Hello Forum, we are using the Digital Discovery to generate a pattern. Every 10ms a trigger pulse is input to DIN0 of the Digital Discovery. This starts the pattern generation. In the attached document a pattern is output on one channel. There are generated 5 pulses. Sample frequency 400kHz / No of samples = 3900 / pattern length is 9.75ms The document shows measurement of the positive edges of the pattern. There are 5 pulses in the pattern. It can be seen that the jitter increases, the later the pulse edge is in the pattern. We did not find out and do
  7. Hello Attila, thanks for your answer. I am not shure what you meant by "i will only look for trigger when not running, not generating pattern". Does this mean that outputs of the pattern generator are in defined state (e.g. LOW) until trigger event occurs and starts pattern generation on the outputs? Or will you look what the behaviour is? Thank you very much for your help Best regards Christoph
  8. Dear Forum Members, we are interested in the pattern generator functionality of the Digital Discovery. We would like to doublecheck some information before ordering: We want to generate a 4bit (4 output sitnals) pattern of e.g. 30k Samples at 1Meg Samplerate. The pattern should be triggered by an input of the Digital Discovery unit. The pattern should be RESTARTED by the trigger input everytime the triggerconidtion is met. E.g. each rising edge of the Input the pattern generation should be restarted. Even if the trigger event comes during a running pattern. The pattern is use