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  1. WOW....I think that setup just may do the trick if I can still get the parts. I will check into this. Thanks Don.....!! You have been very helpful and hopefully I can stop pulling my hair out now...LOL 8-)
  2. Hi Don, We have several test bed units and want to extend a 14-pin ribbon cable from the existing PCB JTAG header connector to outside the box so the top covers can be installed. If one of the EUT units has a problem, then we can connect the JTAG HS3 to the extended cable for debug. So the ribbon cable would be 14-pin female (PCB) to 14-pin boxed male (HS3). The PCB side is no problem, but apparently a 2MM 14-pin boxed male ribbon cable compatible connector does not exist, nor does a 14-pin male to female PCB gender changer adapter that would allow us to use the 2mm 14-pin female to femal
  3. Hello....I have a PCB mounted JTAG interface connector which is a 14-pin 2mm pitch Molex P/N: 87832-5622. I want to extend this interface off the PCB with a short 6" length of IDC ribbon cable, but am having a hard time finding a ribbon cable compatible connector that can support the JTAG HS3 interface side. I've contacted both Samtec and Molex directly, but neither had a viable solution. Yes...I can find IDC JTAG cables, but they are either the wrong pitch and/or incorrect gender to interface with the HS3. I can build my own IDC cables if I had the correct connectors which seems to be a very