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  1. How make digital pin 25 only high and low in digital discovery. But it should not effect ow and high to other pins in the digital discovery. Please this is need very urgently , give the solution.
  2. HI @attila self.device.dwf.FDwfDigitalIOOutputEnableSet(self.device.hdwf, c_int(out_value)) how to enable for "FDwfDigitalIOOutputEnableSet" 25 DIO in DD?
  3. what is the highest sample rate for AD2 and DD to capture IR signal ?
  4. what is the highest frequency range of AD2 and DD can capture IR signal ?
  5. @attila Thank you am able to enable and disable it. how to do it for particular channel. suppose i want to do it for channel 25 in DD?
  6. How to enable/disable digital channel in digital discovery using python?