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  1. Hi @attila We are using Digital discovery for our project. we have observed some issues on port pin 26 (setting 0 state and 1 state). 1. When we use Waveform changing DD port pin 26 state from 1 to 0 and 0 to 1 : it is working fine. 2. When we try to change DD port pin 26 state from 1 to 0 and 0 to 1 using programmatic (python) and it is not changing any state, it always remains in Z state. This issue happened for few DD device. Any solution for this. Python sample code attached what we are using. Thanks, Rajeeva Sample_
  2. @attila am using AD2 and DD devices . AD2 and DD both devices are connected to laptop USB 3.0 using USB HUB. sometime DD is not opening , it means DD device is detecting , but when am trying to open it is giving error and wavefroms is closing. This problem is oberved in ubantu pc [18.04] Any solution for this?
  3. @attila We are capturing LED data at rate of 20k(0.2 MBPS). some times when we connect ad2 to usb 2.0, we are observing data loss. but when we connect ad2 to usb3.0, we didn't see any data loss. any constraints are there from AD2 should connect to USB 3.0? otherwise why are we observing data loss?
  4. @attila Is there any functionality from python would can capture and saves data in wave format. ?? After saving data can we import it on waveforms
  5. @attila How can we do it from python code. Am capturing data from python and calculating led on duration. What is latest version of waveforms?
  6. @attila How can we do it from python code. Am doing from python. First capturing data and then based on data calcluating led dat. How can we do it from python. What is the latest version of waveforms ?
  7. @attila Am working remote like ir and ble remotes. We are using Digital Discovery to capture led data by tapping gpio of remote. Using Digital Discovery capture data calcluating LED blinks and ON duration of led. Capturing at 0.2 Mbps. All led duration are fine ,only am facing problem when am trying to capture shorter led like 30ms. Some led data varying like 30ms, 20ms and 26ms. Am using waveforms version 3.11.7 and also attached. Is there any issue in Digital Discovery and required updated version drivers or waveforms. ??
  8. How make digital pin 25 only high and low in digital discovery. But it should not effect ow and high to other pins in the digital discovery. Please this is need very urgently , give the solution.
  9. HI @attila self.device.dwf.FDwfDigitalIOOutputEnableSet(self.device.hdwf, c_int(out_value)) how to enable for "FDwfDigitalIOOutputEnableSet" 25 DIO in DD?
  10. what is the highest sample rate for AD2 and DD to capture IR signal ?
  11. what is the highest frequency range of AD2 and DD can capture IR signal ?
  12. @attila Thank you am able to enable and disable it. how to do it for particular channel. suppose i want to do it for channel 25 in DD?
  13. How to enable/disable digital channel in digital discovery using python?