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  1. Hi there Got the P6100 probes today and... I'm now able to compensate the probes in junction with ADS properly! Channel 1 is slightly undercompansated, on channel 2 I'm even able to overcompensate. I am still not sure way it is not possible to compensate the other probes properly (according to the specs they even have a wider comp range). Thanks!
  2. First of all: thank you all very much to have a look into this issue (if its really one)! @vicentiu, its a DSOX1102A (https://literature.cdn.keysight.com/litweb/pdf/5992-3484EN.pdf?id=3019454) with about 1 MΩ ± 2% / 16 pF ±3 pF. The scope probes I have access to have the following specs: Keysight N2140A (https://literature.cdn.keysight.com/litweb/pdf/N2140-92002.pdf?id=2803394) with 15pf - 30pf comp range - tested, undercompensated. Probe Master 4902-2 (https://probemaster.com/4900-oscilloscope-probe-basic-kit-150-300-mhz/) with ~10pF - 50pF comp range (according to the page)
  3. Hi Got a new Analog Discovery Studio. I have some trouble to compensate existing BNC probes from Keysight (200 MHz rated, 10MOhm, 15pF). I tried it with my friends Probe Master probes too (250 MHz rated). Somehow we can not compensate the signal the right way. The probes work without any problems with a Keysight scope in 10 x mode. A simple square wave generated 1kHz signal (from Wavegen as well as from a dedicated signal generator) looks quite horrible in 10x mode - in 1x mode in looks quite perfect. Both BNC scope channels behalf more or less the same - completely undercompensated