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  1. Thanks, I'll have to check this out too. And yes, PI = Raspberry Pi. I guess I need to start looking into WaveForms. We are presently using LabView, but it sounds like there is a python lib based on another post, and honestly, I would like to convert the core work from LabView to python if they can accomplish the same task.
  2. I'm looking for a way to read the serial number of an AD2 that is connected to a Windows PC. Here's the why: I have ~30 AD2 units that are interfacing custom electronics. Each AD2-Custom Electronics setup has a unique calibration file. We are moving to netboot for our PCs, so, I need a way to copy the calibration file that goes with the AD2 serial number to the PC that is booting off the network. We are planning to add between 100 and 300 more AD2 units to this test array so I need to automate this. So, if I can run a script at startup that can read the AD2's serial number, problem solved. As a side note, this might move to a PI if we can find a way to interface a PI with the AD2. That being said, I think we would still want an easy way to read the AD2's serial number from CLI. For now, I'm looking for answers on how to do this with Windows.
  3. Is it possible to purchase 100 AD2 boards without the case, just the PCB with the 2x15 male pin header IO? I don't need any of the other stuff that comes in the kit and this will make it easier to install.