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  1. I tried this and it works thanks ! I still have a question, is the time between the wavegen start and the acquisition start is measurable ? Does the SDK allow to have such information ? For example if my signal has a frequency of 2Mhz and an acquisition sampling of 20Mhz, does the time between the acquisition start and the wavegen start is below the sampling rate ? Thanks again
  2. Hi, I'm recently working on the Waveforms SDK with the Analog Discovery 2. I manage to trigger my AnalogIn with the AnalogOut sinus that I generate. My aim is to acquire my sinus in order to calculate the phase shift. Is there a way to get the delay between the start of the AnalogOut generation and the trigger pulse attached to it ? Thank you. Here is the code that I'm using : FDwfAnalogOutNodeEnableSet(hdwf, 0, AnalogOutNodeCarrier, true); FDwfAnalogOutNodeFunctionSet(hdwf, 0, AnalogOutNodeCarrier, funcSine); FDwfAnalogOutNodeFrequencySet(hdwf, 0, AnalogOutNodeCarrier, 1000.0); FDwfAnalogOutNodeAmplitudeSet(hdwf, 0, AnalogOutNodeCarrier, 1); FDwfAnalogOutNodeOffsetSet(hdwf, 0, AnalogOutNodeCarrier, 1); FDwfAnalogOutRunSet(hdwf, 0, 2.0/1000.0); FDwfAnalogOutRepeatSet(hdwf,0,0); FDwfAnalogOutConfigure(hdwf, 0, true); FDwfAnalogInTriggerAutoTimeoutSet(hdwf, 0); FDwfAnalogInChannelRangeSet(hdwf, 0, 5); FDwfAnalogInBufferSizeSet(hdwf, 40); FDwfAnalogInFrequencySet(hdwf, 10000.0); FDwfAnalogInAcquisitionModeSet(hdwf, 0); FDwfAnalogInTriggerSourceSet(hdwf, trigsrcAnalogOut1); FDwfAnalogInTriggerTypeSet(hdwf, trigtypeTransition); FDwfAnalogInConfigure(hdwf, 0, true); while(true){ FDwfAnalogInStatus(hdwf, true, &sts); if(sts == DwfStateDone){ break; } } FDwfAnalogInStatusData(hdwf, 0, rgdSamples, 40); // This acquisition ins not starting at the offeset point but at the falling edge