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  1. Hi artvvb, Thanks for your response. That was really helpful. I was able to use the PMOD AD1 library and both channels worked. Although, I noticed a weird issue. In normal scenario, if I have a pot connected as input to a standard QSPI and vary the pot, the ADC output is 0 to 4096. Although the PMOD library IP varies from 0 to 4096 to 0 to 4096. I don't get why at 3.3V/2 the input with the PMOD goes back to 0. I feel it's something very small but I'm not sure what's causing this to happen. On the other hand, I was not able to change the transaction width of the QSPI beyond 8 bit in dual mode in the IP so I am not sure how to interface directly with QSPI without the PMOD library. Thanks, Rebel
  2. Hi, My setup is using Avnet Ultrazed board with PMOD AD1. Also I am using Xilinx Vivado & SDK 2019.1. I am successfully being able to use 1 channel of the PMOD AD1. I am trying to use both the ADC channels on the PMOD AD1. As the PMOD libraries has no board support files for the Avnet Ultrazed board I went ahead and created a QSPI IP block to get a single channel working. I am having trouble getting the second channel working. Few doubts I have are: 1. For the QSPI IP block, should I use it in standard mode or Dual SPI mode. (I have set the data pins as MISO. Also selected the number of slaves as 1) 2. In the C code how do I switch between the 2 ADC channels as the 2 slaves are connected to the same chip select. I have set the slave select in initialize as --> XSpi_SetSlaveSelect(SpiInstancePtr, 0x01); 3. Should I use manual slave select or automatic slave select? --> XSpi_SetOptions(SpiInstancePtr, XSP_CLK_ACTIVE_LOW_OPTION | XSP_MASTER_OPTION | XSP_MANUAL_SSELECT_OPTION); Thanks!