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  1. attila, Thanks for the Raw output for Waveform I tested it out on my Mac and it works great. If I can ever help out with testing or what ever. Just ask. Jeff Jeff
  2. Hey attlia, When do you think you might have time to release a updated MacOS beta. Jeff
  3. attila, Thats great I can wait to try it out. Where can I down load a beta? Jeff
  4. attila, I see what you are saying and I just learned something new. What I looking for is to just a straight the hex output. I am working with a stream of data coming from a UART and Waveforms adds a bunch of ASCII characters to the data stream. On other serial apps like Coolterm it outputs in two separate windows the hex and the ASCII. I am forced to constantly retype the data because of all the extra characters in the data stream. If you look at the information you cut and pasted there is a bunch of extra hex-decimal numbers that are not part of the original data stream from the UART. The hex data should be 01 02 03 04 05 06 not sure what a012is. What was cut and pasted is showing the ASCII character representation of the Hex data. If you type 1 in a text editor hex editor will show you show you a 0x31. My question is how do I get my hex data out of Waveforms untouched. Thank You for you time and patience. Jeff
  5. So what I figured out is that Waveforms seems to be adding two bytes of data between every hex byte, and zeros become something other than zeros i the output files.
  6. Hello Is there any way to get a hex output from the Protocol page? I am working with a stream of data and Waveforms keeps adding extra \ and x to my data. Is it possible to look at the hex and ASCI output side to side similar to other apps like CoolTerm and Also when I output data through the (The Receive to File) button WaveForms seems to output juke data that doesnt match up with the data being view on the Protocol Tab. As you can see by the included photo, also if I open the same file in BB edit I get another set of ASCI characters. Jeff