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  1. Thanks Attila that will be great. I owe you a beer Cheers Jeff
  2. Hey Attila, Thanks so much. The Holidays have been a busy time. Sorry I took so long, now Im happy to be getting back to. So as for the time stamp. It would be nice for the time to count from the starting point of the connection in decimal minutes. So that a user can look at the Tx and Rx and see which was which... Now I see the real problem the count will turn into a huge number very quickly. Hmm Basically I wanted to be able to scroll back and see which came first the Tx or the Rx. let me show you. Ive done a little research and what Im being is a [%H.%M.%.S] added to the logs would work wonders. I don't think any changes would be needed on the GUI. That might make it too busy. Thanks again. And hope your have a Happy New Year. Jeff
  3. Dear Digilent Crew, For the past couple months I have been using the Analog Discovery 2 almost exclusively as my go to tool for analyzing data on my projects. It is so quick and easy to use, the much more expensive Siglent scope I own just sits on my bench. When Ive had an is Attlia was surprisingly fast to help out with an update to Waveforms just to me. It has been great tool to use. Thank You Attlia With that being said I would like to request a few some features that would really help improve the way I work. Want to let you know I would be happy to help out in anyway to implement any new bits you might choose to add. - Can the little h in front of every byte of Hexdecimal data be removed. Hexdecimal is an option on the top of the Protocols page so it is already known that the data output is Hex. - It would be nice to have time stamps on the Protocol page. It's been difficult to correlate input commands to the responses the test equipment outputs. Just a simple counter in front of each line of data would make staring into long strings of Hex data so much easier to connect. - Can there be a disconnect button for the hardware? Possibly on the bottom right corner of the page. When I have to take my laptop somewhere I must disconnect the Analog Discovery 2, but I still want to be able to look at the data. Waveforms will flash its icon on my Dock. When I finally click on Waveforms it will force me to select a Demo mode. If I could just disconnect so Waveforms would stop looking for hardware that's not there. That would be great. -Lastly have there been any talk of adding JTAG as a protocol. Even with the possibility of connecting it to OpenOCD? Again I want to thank you for your hard work and the great job being done on Waveforms. Have a happy holidays. Jeff Chap
  4. I was having the same issue on my MacBook Pro. It was related to my Mac going to sleep when I shut the lid. I just switched the power save setting to never go to sleep when plugged in and that did the trick.
  5. attila, Thanks for the Raw output for Waveform I tested it out on my Mac and it works great. If I can ever help out with testing or what ever. Just ask. Jeff Jeff
  6. Hey attlia, When do you think you might have time to release a updated MacOS beta. Jeff
  7. attila, Thats great I can wait to try it out. Where can I down load a beta? Jeff
  8. attila, I see what you are saying and I just learned something new. What I looking for is to just a straight the hex output. I am working with a stream of data coming from a UART and Waveforms adds a bunch of ASCII characters to the data stream. On other serial apps like Coolterm it outputs in two separate windows the hex and the ASCII. I am forced to constantly retype the data because of all the extra characters in the data stream. If you look at the information you cut and pasted there is a bunch of extra hex-decimal numbers that are not part of the original data stream from the UART. The hex data should be 01 02 03 04 05 06 not sure what a012is. What was cut and pasted is showing the ASCII character representation of the Hex data. If you type 1 in a text editor hex editor will show you show you a 0x31. My question is how do I get my hex data out of Waveforms untouched. Thank You for you time and patience. Jeff
  9. So what I figured out is that Waveforms seems to be adding two bytes of data between every hex byte, and zeros become something other than zeros i the output files.
  10. Hello Is there any way to get a hex output from the Protocol page? I am working with a stream of data and Waveforms keeps adding extra \ and x to my data. Is it possible to look at the hex and ASCI output side to side similar to other apps like CoolTerm and Also when I output data through the (The Receive to File) button WaveForms seems to output juke data that doesnt match up with the data being view on the Protocol Tab. As you can see by the included photo, also if I open the same file in BB edit I get another set of ASCI characters. Jeff