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  1. RESOLVED: A replacement Analog Discovery unit worked without any changes to my computer. As indicated above, driver version, which is what I am running, works just fine. I will be sending back the failed Analog Discovery for analysis.
  2. Attila, I would certainly expect that you do use original chips. Trouble is, that perhaps something got messed up along the way - at the very least there is a bunch of concern in the market place about FTDI's actions to brick what they think are fake parts. My Analog Discovery is perhaps acting like it has been bricked. I say that because I have followed the advice of the forum posts, the advice of Sergiu Arpadi from your [email protected], and my own ponderings with no success. Specifically, for the record once again, I have used different USB cords including short cords, uninsta
  3. I am back to trying to sort a similar problem. After doing quite a bit of investigating, trying to reinstall device drivers and recommended via an email from Diligent support, and having not gotten anywhere, I still have an Analog Discovery that will not work (Windows 7 64-bit reports it as Unknown Device). As I mentioned in my initial call and email to support the unit will also not work (unrecognized device) on another (virgin) computer. Is it possible that the FTDI Serial/USB device has been wiped (erased)? I know there are may posts on the internet about and FTDI driver release (via Win