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  1. I am happy! I modified the case and made it wider and lo and behold, no more disconnects. Thank you so much. I look forward to spend a lot more time quarantined 😉 I tested how the connector went in without the case: straight compared to a tiny bit crooked with the unit mounted in the case. Thanks again! Robert.
  2. Hi JColvin, I do not have the case off. I tried 4 different cables before I took it to wiggle it and tried to connect. Yesterday I had it working without the power supply, started it up this morning, complained about not enough power and connected the power supply and taped the usb connector. The laptop, a dell 5737 i7 I used it before the cable tie was still on the connector... But very happy it still works as I now have all the time in the world to work on my projects 🙂 I'll take it out of the case and put it under the microscope and take some pictures... if there is something to see I'll post it. And yes, I am very impressed with the design and utility of the AD2! I started to work on electronics in 1977 and could not even dream of an appliance like that; busy designing a 5V 20A power supply for the memory of my 6809 processor, ever hear of those?
  3. I have an ad2 and plugging the usb in, nothing happens, this is a dell laptop, no upgrades done, used to be working fine; quite bummed, as I used it only 6 times... no led lights up, also not using orignal power supply... Also, figure 23, the power supply circuit is missing in the reference manual... 😞 Quarantined at home with no scope... I think the usb connector is not making good contact...