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  1. Hi @attila I am using Windows 10 x64 Also note that the tip to use the 4th selection; I have that selection made.
  2. @attila - Thank you I tried adjusting the timebase but the text remains. I will try record mode. As I said I am a very new user, the YouTube "tutorials" from Digilent are so bad, they are just the manual being read as far as I can tell. Any URL for some good usage videos for this instrument?
  3. I just received my Analog Discovery 2 Systems Kit, nice looking package! I am trying to capture a display some UART data and I am finding the single signal (D0) display has text over the left-hand end of the display that makes it impossible to read the display. I have attached a screenshot. There doesn't seem to be any way to remove. Seems like this is an obvious thing to fix but I just haven't figured it out. Thanks, Sid