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  1. Please ignore this question, in fact it may be deleted, it was an error on part and the tools are visible for use. Sorry ... Sid
  2. Hello, I am working on a project for a client and I need him to send be a capture from Logic that I can open and make measurements on. I had them send their workspace file with a capture and I can open this and view the captured waveform. However, the measurement tools are not visible and so I cannot perform any measurements. "Measurements" is checked in the "View" menu, but no tools displayed. How can this be done? Which file should my client share? They also sent the acquisition file, however, even though I can load it I cannot make any measurements. Sid
  3. @attilaExcellent thank you. I have adjusted it for 8-bit "words" and now I need to convert it for LSBit first. If I get stuck I will let you know, thanks! Sid
  4. @[email protected] Thanks for the quick response. >>> Do you really need a custom decoder? Well I have a large captured stream I need to decode, so, yes I could somehow do it by hand but, since I need to possibly examine many captures, having the AD2 do it is desirable. I looked at the links you included and I have to admit they are way beyond my feeble mind. Many thanks, Sid
  5. Is there an example of how to write a custom decoder for manchester encoding. I have a data stream captured and I would like to decode it. Sid
  6. Hi @attila I am using Windows 10 x64 Also note that the tip to use the 4th selection; I have that selection made.
  7. @attila - Thank you I tried adjusting the timebase but the text remains. I will try record mode. As I said I am a very new user, the YouTube "tutorials" from Digilent are so bad, they are just the manual being read as far as I can tell. Any URL for some good usage videos for this instrument?
  8. I just received my Analog Discovery 2 Systems Kit, nice looking package! I am trying to capture a display some UART data and I am finding the single signal (D0) display has text over the left-hand end of the display that makes it impossible to read the display. I have attached a screenshot. There doesn't seem to be any way to remove. Seems like this is an obvious thing to fix but I just haven't figured it out. Thanks, Sid