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    pmod wifi

    I got it. There is a physical connection problem with the Pmod connector I'm using. I switched to another one and it's working all fine again. Thanks anyway!
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    pmod wifi

    Hi, I have a problem with wifi scan. According to deIP.h, error status 0x10002001 refers to an adaptor error. Is there a way to solve this error? Im using a SD card on a ZYNQ board so there is no Pmod SD IP core.Thanks!
  3. Hi, I'm trying to use Pmod WiFi on a Zynq board for a school project and it is required to add WiFi feature to the boards so that the mother board can send to the other boards. I built the basic block diagram but I'm not sure whether it works because when I run the template projects from Digilent/vivado-library on github, there is no response at the terminal, nothing happens. Does the board need a SD card for setting up a TCP/UDP echo server/client (there is already a SD card slot on my zynq board)? Also, can someone take a look at my block diagram to make sure it is correct? Thanks,