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  1. Hello @JColvin and thank you for the help.

    So I have managed to solve this problem I had by using the Nexys 4 DDR board and Vivado 2017.4 if anyone is having the same kind of errors, but I have a different kind of problem now.

    As a reminder I'm currently trying to connect to a server located on a computer using the PmodWifi.

    I used an example code that came inside the PmodWifi library called TCPEchoClient for this purpose.

    The code compiles and running but I have a wierd problem:

    When I am trying to connect to the local network at my house it says "Wifi Connected" but then it tries to connect to the server and it get stuck.

    So I checked the server by connecting to it from a different computer and it worked, what gives me the indication that my server code is not the problem.

    After that I wanted to check if the example code works on a different server and used google's server IP: and Port: 80 and it worked. I even sent the stream:

    byte rgbWriteStream[] = {'G', 'E', 'T', ' ', '/', ' ', 'H', 'T', 'T', 'P', '/', '1', '.', '1', '\r', '\n', '\r', '\n'};  and got a reply.

    So this is what's so wierd, both parts of the system works individualy but somehow they don't with each other.

    I don't know if this is the place for these kind of questions, but I wanted to see if maybe somone had that issue before and know how to solve it.

    I'm attaching the example code for reference.

    Thank you,


  2. Hello,

    I've been trying for over a two months to make a project including the PmodWifi for sending data from PIR motion sensors to a computer with wifi.

    At fisrt I was working with Basys 3 board that I had but I undrstood that it doesn't have enough memory space. So I got Nexys 4 DDR board and tried using it there. Unfourtunatly I had some trouble with configuring the DDR so I reached some professional help from an engineer that works in the field. He gave me a new board, Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC ZCU106, that he knows for sure how to work with and configure.

    We managed to generate bitstream and started working on the SDK by trying to use the TCPEchoClient example from the PmodWifi library ip (2019.1). We tried using this ip library first but it had errors so we switched to this one. We are currently working with Vivado 2017.4 because of what we learned that other versions have errors (flexible array member 'DHCPDG_T...). We got some other errors that we can't find any information how to solve.

    The first one is that from the beginnig when I just make a new application project I see an error in the bsp on the System.h file:

    'XPAR_CPU_CORE_CLOCK_FREQ_HZ' undeclared (first use in this function)    Final_Project_bsp        line 73    C/C++ Problem

    This error happened also with the other library and to be clear, I didn't modify any of the files.

    After I edited the file (copy/paste from the TCPEchoClient example code) about 20 other errors showed up:

    undefined reference to `DEIPcK::begin()'    /Final_Project/src    line 186    C/C++ Problem
    undefined reference to `DEIPcK::periodicTasks()'    /Final_Project/src    line 244    C/C++ Problem


    undefined reference to `vtable for DEMRF24'    AdaptorClass.h    /Final_Project_bsp/psu_cortexa53_0/include    line 61    C/C++ Problem

    I've been trying to make this thing work for too long, please help me finish this project.

    I'm attaching some screenshots of the project and the file.

    Thank you, Netanel.




  3. Hello,

    I've been working on a project that I need to use the ip integrator and add an RTL block that I made.

    I'm using a Basys 3 board, Vivado 2018.3 and MicroBlaze ip.

    I was trying to add the RTL to the source and to the diagram and I used the getting started with ip integrator tutorial.

    The tutorial itself worked fine and when I added the RTL It passed the validation, synthesis, implementation and even generating the bitstream but then I couldn't export hardware for programing the MicroBlaze and it gave an error saying "Cannot write hardware definition file as there are no generated IPI blocks".

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I understood that I need to create an ip that contains my RTL project and only then I can add it to the diagram.

    If so, does anybody have a tutorial of how to make a new ip? and if that is not the case, what do you think is the problem?


    thank you,





  4. 16 hours ago, artvvb said:

    Make sure that you picked the root "vivado-library" folder when adding the IP repository to your project

    Thank you very much Arthur! that solved the problem.


    16 hours ago, artvvb said:

    Unrelated to your question, but take care to make sure that the block memory that Microblaze is connected to is big enough to fit you application. The drivers we provide are quite large - minimum 385 KB as noted by the Pmod IP guide's compatibility table. Unfortunately this won't fit in the Basys 3's BRAM without some work to reduce their size, or to find some other solution.

    And what you said about the memory.. I understood from another qustion that someone asked in this forum that I need an addition PmodSD only if I'm trying to make an HTTPServer project. In my case the board is only a client and the server is on another computer and the board is just sending data through the PmodWIFI.

    Do I still need the extra memory for that?



  5. Hello,

    I'm a student and currently working on my final project including Basys 3 board and wifi pmod.

    I'm trying to get started working with the module to understand how it works. This is my first project working with Pmods.

    I've been using the Getting Started with Digilent Pmod IPs tutorials. I added the newest Vivado library including the PmodWifi IP and I bulit a block design with the MicroBlaze and other GPIO IPs.

    I followed the instructions of the tutorials and got to the part of validating the design, there I got a warning saying few of the wifi pmod pin are not connected.

    I've got a few other warnings and errors so I really don't understand what went wrong.

    If anyone know what the issue is and can help me, that would be awesome!

    Also I'm looking for an example project for wifi pmod using Microblaze to learn from. 

    I'm attaching some screenshots of my project.