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  1. Thank you very much Arthur! that solved the problem. And what you said about the memory.. I understood from another qustion that someone asked in this forum that I need an addition PmodSD only if I'm trying to make an HTTPServer project. In my case the board is only a client and the server is on another computer and the board is just sending data through the PmodWIFI. Do I still need the extra memory for that? thanks, Netanel.
  2. Hello, I'm a student and currently working on my final project including Basys 3 board and wifi pmod. I'm trying to get started working with the module to understand how it works. This is my first project working with Pmods. I've been using the Getting Started with Digilent Pmod IPs tutorials. I added the newest Vivado library including the PmodWifi IP and I bulit a block design with the MicroBlaze and other GPIO IPs. I followed the instructions of the tutorials and got to the part of validating the design, there I got a warning saying few of the wifi pmod pin are not connected. I've got a few other warnings and errors so I really don't understand what went wrong. If anyone know what the issue is and can help me, that would be awesome! Also I'm looking for an example project for wifi pmod using Microblaze to learn from. I'm attaching some screenshots of my project. thanks, Netanel.