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  1. Hello, I recently posted in the forum regarding getting an updated version of the beta. I am now up to date, but I wanted to let the developers know that I am experiencing in accurate data between the mac and windows version of waveforms. I am running the voltmeter across an LED while measuring DC, True RMS, and AC RMS. The values recorded on the windows computer were 1.939 V, 1.939V, and 0.001V, respectively. While the values recorded on the mac were 1.947 V, 3.776 V, and 3.234 V, respectively. Please reply with any solutions or useful information.
  2. Okay great! Not sure when you sent the email, but I haven't received it yet. Thank you again! Disregard that comment above. I just received the email. Thank you.
  3. Hello, I have the Waveforms3 beta running on my MacBook Pro almost perfectly fine. I have full functionality of the oscilloscope, wavegen, etc. However, the measurement tool in the oscilloscope on the windows version allows the user to select Channel 1- vertical/horizontal- min/max/peak2peak/avg/etc. On the Mac version, there is no option to choose between vertical and horizontal measurements. It is set default to vertical, so I am unable to measure frequency using a horizontal measurement. I am unsure if I am just unable to find the correct tool or if it is not yet a function in Waveforms3 be