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  1. Hello, Yes, I tested on other computers, but I have the same result. Also I have another basys2 in better shape. It runs smoth. Also I did an physical inspection. I found a coil L3 blow out, then I replace with other one with unknow value. I had the same result. So I perform a test for voltaje. I found out that the 2.5 V out is missing. I only get .67V. I removed the L3 coil, same result 0.67V. Is there any chance that the 2.5V missing voltaje is the reason for failure???. How do I get replacement for this parts. Is there any support service in order to repair damaged board (I have about
  2. Hello, I need help on a Basys2 board, that show incompresible characters when Adept runs at begin. Then I get this when it Initialize Chain (see below). You can see the error on attached file. The board is from an school laboratory and it is use by many students, so nobody know what happend to get this status in the board. ===== Digilent Adept ===== Adept System Rev 2.7 Adept Runtime Rev 2.19 Adept Application Rev 2.4.2 Copyright © 2010 Loading board information... Initializing Scan Chain... Board information loaded. Found device ID: ffffffff Found device I
  3. Hello, I new on Basys 3, and I need some examples for programming FPGA. In the resource center there are a lot of them, but the examples are written in verilog. I am using VHDL, so the questión is: Is there the same examples like the resource center written in VHDL?