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  1. Hi, I try to learn verilog. There are a few things I don't understand about the following code(2., which is long.). I would appreciate if you help. Not: I'm a vhdl user 1-)What is the purpose of the always block used here? 2-) "assign count_next = count_reg + 1; // increase the count " how work this piece of code? Isn't it expected to grow rapidly by adding one? without stopping. How and when does count_next and count_reg get the new value? 3-)I would write something like this; // this is my code module counter (clk, reset, count); input clk, reset; output [3:0] count; reg [3:0] count; always @(posedge clk or posedge reset ) if (reset) count <= 4'b0000; else count <= count + 1'b1; endmodule ----------------------------------------------- module binaryCounter #( parameter N = 3 //N bit binary counter ) ( input wire clk, reset, output wire complete_tick, output wire[N-1:0] count ); localparam MAX_COUNT = 2**N-1; // maximum value for N-bit reg[N-1:0] count_reg; wire[N-1:0] count_next; always @(posedge clk, posedge reset) begin if (reset == 1) count_reg <= 0; // set count to 0 if reset else count_reg <= count_next; // assign next value of count end assign count_next = count_reg + 1; // increase the count // generate tick on each maximum count assign complete_tick = (count_reg == MAX_COUNT) ? 1 : 0; assign count = count_reg; // assign value to output port endmodule
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    Thank you for all your answers. For me, it was quite satisfying. I hope it will help others.
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    Thanks for your advice. The documents on the link are great. I've already started reading. And also thanks for the practical example.
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    Hi, I am interested in fpga for a long time. I created beautiful projects on my own and gained quite a lot of experience. Now, I want to move them a little further and I want to learn topics like cdc, timing, speed optimizasyon,critical path, constraints etc. But, I don't know where to begin learning them and in which order should I learn? I really need advice on this. I would also be very happy if you could provide books and documents of interest these subjects.(including practical examples if possible).