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  1. thank you for the answer @attila i've been using the RPi 4 now and waveforms is working well.
  2. Hey just found your guide as i was having the exact same problem on RPi 4. Thank you so much! If i wanted to run a Project using AD2 on Boot, do i need to enable digilent runtime on boot as well?
  3. Hi, i have been trying to run waveforms on my Raspberry Pi 3 B but keep getting errors either by getting power from USB Port on Raspi (Overcurrent, although i checked the current limit to to 1A) or by using a power supply (5V, 2,5A), which is giving me under voltage error. I read somewhere in the digilent forum that these power problems do occur in the older versions of Raspberry Pi (up to 3 B+) because of the USB 2.0, and have been sorted out as the Raspberry Pi 4 was released. Had someone actually been able to run the AD2 on Raspberry Pi 3 B without problems? Any response is very much appreciated! Thanks!