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  1. You seem to have missed that since my problems are in Vitis we are talking about C code, not HDL. ap_fixed.h includes some useful options like using any number of bits for your variables and built in saturation logic. I can´t see why you wouldn´t want to use this h file unless you for some strange reason want to do everything on your own. I got rid of the earlier error and ap_fixed.h seems to be recognized when I added a search path to vitis/include but instead I got another error that I can´t interpret, it reads 'cannot find -I-WI,--start-group,lxil.lgcc,-lc,-lstdc++,--end-group'
  2. With using fixed point I mean being able to use numbers that are defined with and integer and a fractional part and these numbers are defined in ap_fixed.h and I´m not being able to use that h-file. With trying to use I just mean that I am starting up a new project to get the hang of using fixe point so it is not something that has been thrown on me
  3. I have posted this quesion at the Xilinx forum but without any answers so I hope I have better luck here. I´m trying to use fixed point in a design for Nexys4 (Artix-7) that started in Vivado and was exported to Vitas for the software part. The design without fixed point works as expected but as soon as I add the ap_fixed.h file and compile I get the message that this file doesn´t exist. I have tried to add it manually but then new h-files are reported as non-existent and after adding some of them I get the message that some h-files cannot be added to user code. I have the impression that normally when you create a platform for the design and export it to Vitis then Vitis will be aware of what h-files that are needed. In his case going for fixed point is something I do in Vitis and not in Vivado then these h-files are not included. How do I make Vitis find those h-files? Any help apprecierad!
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    Vitas tutorial

    The answer gives the example given in the Vitas documentation. What I would like is an example that uses the resourses on my FPGA board (Nexys4DDR) like the switches and LEDs
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    Vitas tutorial

    Will there be something like the old 'Getting Started with Vivado IP Integrator' for Xilinx SDK for the new Vitas platform. It would be nice to have something that addresses hardware connection to MicroBlaze. The tutorial in the 'Embedded Software Development' manual only covers sending 'Hello World!' through an UART.