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  1. Hi, I am a hardware designer tasked with coming up with HS2 compatible DLL's to suit a vendor requirement. We have a single tap JTAG for our project and have procured dozens of HS2 cables. Can you please point me to code snippets that could do the following, 1. INT32 openc(const char * ipaddress, const char * port) 2. INT32 readmem(UINT32 memAddress, INT32* valptr) 3. INT32 writemem(UINT32 memAddress, UINT32 val) 4. void closec() I looked into sample code in digilent.adept.sdk_v2.4.2\samples\djtg\DjtgDemo\DjtgDemo.cpp, but it is not clear to me how I could translate it to the commands that I would need. Thank you. ARP