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  1. Thank you very much for the advice!!! After launching Rx.c, sending a message from the CAN analyzer, the situation remained the same. As you said, when I output the return value of CAN_ReadStatus (), 0 was always output. This means that there is no data in the MCP25625 receive buffer. I'll try debugging now, but if you have any comments, please give me some advice.
  2. Hi, @artvvb Thank you for replying to my post!! The above problem has been resolved, but I have failed to receive CAN messages... I set up a CAN bus, sent traffic logs from the CAN analyzer to PmodCAN, and ran "C: \ Xilinx \ ip \ Pmods \ PmodCAN_v1_0 \ drivers \ PmodCAN_v1_0 \ examples \ RX.c" with Launch on Hardwear However, the following screen is displayed. The sample code Rx.c has not changed anything from the code distributed with git. By the way, the screen which ifconfig command is executed on the PYNQ-Z1 board is as follows. I know that the return value in the CAN_ReadStatus () in Rx.c is not good, and it occurs this result. However, I don't know why the return value of the function is not good. Could you give me advice?
  3. Hello I'm using PYNQ-Z1 board. I am trying to receive CAN traffic with PmodCAN on the board. Here is my Block Design. Then, Generate Bitstream was successful. (But some warnings appeared and the messages are like Generate_Bitstream_messagex.png) I did Export Hardwear and Launch SDK. When I created the Hello world project in SDK and compiled it, there was no problem. However, as soon as I executed Program FPGA, the following error message appeared. How can I fix this error? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- bitstream is not compatible with the target Program FPGA failed bitstream is not compatible with the target ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By the way, the PmodCAN wiki page says that it is necessary to send SPI commands to set up PmodCAN. Do I have to do this setup when sending and receiving CAN messages on the PYNQ board?