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  1. Ok. So I will have to try and get help from xilinx. I was able to run the xilinx web server in 2015.2. I downloaded at @Ana-Maria Balas zip file of the last web server into 2019.1 and I can program the FPGA, but when I try to run the program I get the following error.
  2. @Ana-Maria Balas, I am trying to follow the web server demo that has the website interface that I originally found thru digilent's Arty resource center. I tried the echo server directions and I am getting an error while launching program. Cannot write to address 0x00h. I already tried changing the file mentioned in the post you linked to no avail. I am wondering whether I can take the echo server hardware design to run the other example.
  3. I am running into an issue following the Arty web server demo. After importing the project I get some build failure messages. I have tried cleaning the project and replacing xadapter.c file with no success on building the project. Here is the SDK window after I import the project into xilinx SDK 2019.1. Any help would be greatly appreciated.